Next, double-click Mice and other pointing devices in.

Select “Power Options”.

Scroll Inactive Windows can cause problems with your mouse jumping, so turn this setting on and off two or three times. Once the update process is complete, update all the drivers inside Mice and other pointing devices.

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If the Logitech Options app indicates a lower charge level, connect your mouse via its charging cable to your M1 or M2 Mac and see if that helps.

To fix the issue of mouse lagging on PC in Windows 11, you can try to uninstall and reinstall the mouse driver if the problem is caused by the mouse driver. We've always had good luck with black. .


. The 5 Steps To Fix Mouse Lag. Decrease the distance to your computer or reposition.

Go to the Driver tab and press the Rollback driver button if the option is available. If the lagging issue is due to a fault in the firmware, updating it should fix the issue.


Go back to the Settings menu and head to “Apps.

Dec 7, 2021 · class=" fc-falcon">If your mouse is dead, you may need a repair or consider getting a new mouse. Follow these steps: Open the game launcher or platform (e.

If this doesn’t help, you can move on to the next fix. com.

Sometimes the problem of a laggy or slow mouse is due to interference from other Bluetooth devices that are close to your Mac.
Step 2: type mouse and click Mouse settings.

Press Windows + S to launch the Search menu, enter Device Manager in the text field at the top, and click on the relevant search result.

. . Mostly its a nuisance, but sometimes the laptop becomes unusable.

Expand Sound, video and game controllers. 0 port. 2. Dec 4, 2022 · You can also fix mouse lagging by disabling fast startup. <b>Fix 2: Test the mouse connection.

Right-click on the malfunctioning mouse, and select Update driver from the context menu.

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Click “Change settings that are currently unavailable”.



To update the mouse driver of your PC, follow the procedures below.

Turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices in the area to check for signal saturation.